Building on the success of Seymour Alternative Farming Expo McPherson Media Group have partnered with Lardner Park to launch of a new field day in Gippsland to cater for a range of rural interests to curious city folk wanting to get closer to their country origins.

The innovative farming and lifestyle event will run across three days — November 9 – 11.

With a catchment area extending from Melbourne’s eastern sprawl to the Yarra Valley and to Bairnsdale and beyond, Harvest Fest will be pitched at more than two million people in its launch season.

Crowds in excess of 20,000 are expected to attend an event built on the pillars of grow, make, eat and live. Harvest Fest will be brought to life through hands-on experiences, exciting retail opportunities, entertainment and educational activities.

It will target small farmers, backyard and urban gardeners, home enterprises and foodies and will deliver an exciting and diverse program with live demonstrations, how-to sessions and tactile interactive experiences.

The location for Harvest Fest is ideal, Lardner Park is close to Melbourne, the Lower Yarra Valley and Gippsland — making it an ideal hub to connect with rural, regional and metropolitan markets.