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Ins and outs of district football teams

Sam Toulmin (Echuca), Scott Hann (Rochester), Kahl Oliver (LBU), James Cullum (Tongala) and Farran Priest (Echuca United) are some of the key players to go in or out of senior teams.

July 18, 2014 10:11am

Echuca v Benalla at Benalla

B: S Toulmin, B Prendergast, J Sheldon

HB: J Magnabosco, M Hay, C Holmes

C: G Preston, M Pollock, T Stevens

HF: M Smith, L Wilkinson, N Jackson

F: P Connally, K Morris, J Ives

R: J Florance, B Shea, S Buckley

INT: M Hore, W Monahan, F Monahan

In: P Connally, M Hore, S Toulmin

Out: D Friedberger, G Scott, C Townrow


B: N Castles, D Haydon, J Flynn

HB: N Murnane, C Townrow, K Forge

C: A Kirchhofer, Bre Jones, S Hartley

HF: J Smith, J Monigatti, C Dellavedova

F: G Scott, B Jones, K Baker

R: W O’Sullivan, K Wilson, G Scott

INT: P Smith, R Ogilvie, L Oakley, K Batson

In: N Castles, J Flynn, J Monigatti, G Scott, G Scott, C Townrow

Out: J Campbell, Z Ilsley, D O’Neill, D Russell, J Watson

Under 18s

B: S Miles, Z Bruns, T Kneebone

HB: W Murnane, T McMinn, H Wines

C: R Tonizzo, N McCann, T Saillard

HF: B Allsop, N Denahy, Z Cockayne

F: B Costello, L McCann, S Cummins

R: W Rosenow, P Hannon, T Wilson

INT: T Small, H Monahan, C Ennis, K Baker

In: B Costello, N Denahy

Out: J Flynn, D Russell

Rochester v Euroa at Rochester

B: N O’Connor, C Sanders, T Bubb

HB: N Knight, B Dorrington, I Miller

C: M Bright, D Anderson, L Millard

HF: B Green, E Bowen, N Marrone

F: D Cuttriss, G Weeks, D Williams

R: J Gledhill, B Hollow, A Watson

INT: A Ward, J Foott, E Taylor

In: T Bubb, J Foott, E Taylor, A Ward

Out: S Brennan, S Hann, T Hill, N McCarty


B: A Hann, N Hayes, J Kniese

HB: B Poole, N Oogjes, H Coffey

C: G Wachter, S Hamilton, J Hughes

HF: S Fink, M Haitsma, S Letcher

F: L Dwyer, H Coghill, M Byrne

R: R Harrington, J Dingwall, L Ringin

In: H Coghill, S Fink

Out: T Bubb, R Eeles, E Taylor, A Ward

Under 18s

B: M Foott, Y Emmery, R Palmer

HB: R Evans, T Poole, C Taylor

C: K Chisholm, D Hamilton, J Ahern

HF: J Glass, B Byrne, R Byrne

F: J Johnston, J Ingram, S Rathjen

R: X Hooppell, M Palmer, K Moroney

INT: C Gledhill, K Shionya, S Bolitho, D Nelson

In: K Chisholm, Y Emmery, D Hamilton, D Nelson

Out: H Haimes, L Love, D Murphy

LBU v Mt Pleasant at Toolleen

B: R Woodland, C Treacy, G Broad

HB: N O’Brien, D Lucas, S Keleher

C: L Deledio, J Halloran, T Bacon

HF: L Collins, K Oliver, M Deledio

F: J Mundie, J Hay, R Jensen

R: C Hudson, M Bongiovanni, M Angove

INT: M Dobson, J Monaghan, N Bacon, J Ireland

In: K Oliver

Out: W Hobbs


B: S Neale, B Mundie, R Dobson

HB: J Holloway, D Andrews, C Mitchell

C: L Main, J Maddison, J Wolfe

HF: W Hobbs, N Dyson, P Oliver

F: P Crockford, S McClay, C O’Brien

R: J Woodland, A Cochrane, J Mundie

INT: S Wolfe, D Mitchell, D Murray, C Robins

EM: Z Pentreath, N Neville

In: W Hobbs, J Holloway, L Main, C Mitchell, D Mitchell, J Mundie

Out: D Bacon, M Brereton, A Clarke, J Cuttriss, N Neville, Z Pentreath

Under 17s

B: C West, J Duncan, C Powell

HB: W Murray, J Ludbey, D Thompson

C: Z Wetton, J Moran, J Howlett

HF: L Jones, J McPhee, K Bacon

F: Je Felmingham, Mi Bongiovanni, C Robertson

R: Jo Felmingham, T Wild, R Bradley

INT: J Baker, B Wilson, H Sutton, I O’Brien

In: R Bradley, J Howlett, J McPhee, H Sutton

Out: D Thompson, R Walsh

Tongala v Nathalia at Tongala

B: S Townsend, A Lovison, M Ohlsen

HB: B Holman, L McGill, M Tyler

C: S Tucker, D Newman, D Ohlsen

HF: J Belcher, C Nexhip, J Cullum

F: E Edwards, A Reid, M Watson

R: L Brennan, J Souter, D Humphreys

INT: T Vick, D Cox, S Tyler

In: L Brennan, J Cullum

Out: K Brennan, C Lowe, A Williams


B: D Harrison, T Walsh, N Barker

HB: B Gledhill, J Tucker, A Nunn

C: T Cipriani, C Atkinson-Harlen, J Wiffen

HF: D Tully, A Williams, B Denham

F: M Reid, B McGrath, D Watson

R: K Brennan, T Harris, T Wayland

INT: D Mungatopi, J Puruntatameri, D Brennan

In: N Barker, K Brennan, B Gledhill, M Reid, J Wiffen, A Williams

Out: P Bird, L Brennan, J Edmonds, J Mulholland, T Vick, B Warren

Under 17s

B: T Densley, K Dixon, E Cox

HB: T Tinning, F Galvin, C Lowe

C: S Riedell, T Strapp, A Maguire

HF: T McMahon, A Hatch, R Febey

F: B Gordon, S Simpson, C Walsh

R: R Cowley, B Cox, C Wiffen

INT: J Shenfield, B Mulholland, B Waasdorp

In: A Maguire, T Strapp

Out: C Madill

Under 14s

Squad: D Waasdorp, B Mulholland, B Waasdorp, B Cardilini, J Wilson, S Cipriani, E Gillie, T Harris, B Nevett, T Clarke, C Watson, D Campbell, D Maloney, L Shenfield, J Hicks, R Souter, J Waasdorp, J Watson, B Maloney, R Kay, J Pearson

In: E Gillie, B Nevett, J Pearson, R Souter

Out: M Cowley, S Langley, M Watson

Echuca United v Moama at Moama

Squad: M Jackson, C Starkey, J Rankins, P Hazelman, D Moon, R Prendergast, R Waters, Z Molluso, B Sanderson, L Guinan, R Priest, R Egan, T Jackson, F Priest, A Kirchhofer, L Sanderson, T Gilmour, D Edwards, C Parker, E Handy, T Crilly, B Barnes-Webb

In: T Crilly, F Priest, M Jackson

Out: D Cavallaro, T Lethlean, J Lucas


Squad: F Lias, A Fraser, C Bradley, J Molluso, J Leeman, C Vagg, T Ferrier, L Walker, L Sorrenti, J Stone, B Giorgianni, P Quanchi, D Barwick, S Betson, M Retallick, B Ridge, N Smith, M Giddings, J Deighton, T Lethlean, S Lawrence

In: T Ferrier, M Giddings, T Lethlean, N Smith

Out: X Colvin, M Jackson, M Roberts, R Thompson

Under 14s

Squad: R Flanagan, M Lias, N Lawton, R Ross, L Sinclair, N Taylor, T Allitt, C Sidebottom, T Witchell, N Witchell, A Maiden, M Walsh, J Wawrzycki, R Sidebottom, T McKeown, J Martin, J Pannam, R Blake, N Symons

In: M Walsh

Out: B Dixon

Echuca Green v Shepparton United

Sunday, Wanganui Park at 12.30pm

B: C Beaumont, J Ayres, D Edwards

HB: L Jarman, C Scott, C McNulty

C: M Candy, H Ripon, J Hore

HF: A James, G Dixon, M Galvin

F: E Connally, T Cosgriff, T Creighton

R: D Maher, O Reid, S Mitchell

INT: O Wilson, J Kneebone, A McCann, Z Burnett

EM: T McKenzie, C Burnett

In: G Dixon, D Edwards, J Kneebone, H Ripon

Out: C Burnett, C Edwards, M Hinks, T Mackenzie

Echuca v Shepparton United

Sunday, Wanganui Park at 2.15pm

B: A Colvin, R Rickard, N Pratt

HB: H Cohen, C Smith, E Stewart

C: M Kemp, J Bruns, M Frew

HF: D Henderson, A McCann, N Lanyon

F: I Johnson, A Farrell, C Barber

R: T Phillips, J Gledhill, D Sholl

INT: L Tenace, L Carmody

In: L Carmody, A Farrell

Out: F Baldwin, H Ripon, M Scales

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