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Seymour Little Aths warm to weather

Records galore at Kings Park.

November 28, 2012 4:19am

The under-6 boys on the start line of the 70m event.

Week seven of Seymour Little Aths competition and finally some warm weather for the athletes (and parents).

The warmer conditions seemed to help performances with a number of centre records broken.

Harry Martin broke a five-year-old record in the under-6 boys discus, and Orla McCarthy and Hayden Anderson both broke the 70m record.

In the older age groups, great jumps from Tom Garner, under-12 boys (1.45m) and Dale Gutterson, under-13 boys (1.50m) saw new high jump records set.

Brady Cleverland from the under-11 boys was awarded the Seymour McDonald’s ‘‘Star of the Week’’ for consistent effort each week.

Athletes in the under-9 and above age groups are reminded that entries for the State Multis will close soon.

Athletes can enter via the Little Athletics Victoria website


Under-6: 70m: B. Andrews 1, L. Shiner 2, C. Cotter 3; Discus: D. Rickman-White 1, A. Jenkinson 2, L. Shiner 3.

Under-7: 70m: G. North 1, A. Hogan 2, S. Millard 3; 200m: A. Hogan 1, G. North 2, O. Pearce 3; Discus: O. Pearce 1, T. Welsh 2, S. Millard 3; Long jump: A. Hogan 1, S. Millard 2, K. Bender 3.

Under-8: 70m: O. McCarthy 1, M. Hager 2, S. O’Connell 3; 400m: G. Barry 1, S. O’Connell 2, P. Gladman 3; Long jump: G. Barry 1, M. Hager 2, H. Calderwood 3; Shot put: H. Calderwood 1, K. Barns 2, G. Fletcher 3.

Under-9: 70m: S. Younger 1, C. Reid 2, G. Taylor 3; 400m: G. Pearce 1, S. Truter 2, C. Reid 3; Triple jump: G. Taylor 1, C. Reid 2, M. Prigg 3; High jump: C. Reid 1, M. Prigg 2, G. Taylor 3.

Under-10: 400m: A. Black 1, T. Furletti 2, P. Grant 3; 70m: A. Black 1, R. Martin 2, P. Grant 3; Discus: T. Furletti 1, E. Chapman 2, C. Locke 3; Long jump: E. Barnes 1, A. Black 2, G. Andrews 3; Shot put: C. Locke 1, E. Barnes 2, C. Washington 3.

Under-11: 400m: R. Curry 1, S. Seal 2, O. Barry 3; 70m: S. Seal 1, O. Barry 2, R. Curry 3; Discus: S. Calderwood 1, R. Curry 2, P. Anderson 3; Javelin; S. Calderwood 1, J. LeDeux 2, O. Barry 3; Long jump: O. Barry 1, A. Loughnane 2, P. Anderson 3.

Under-12: 300mH: S. Locke 1; 400m, High jump, Javelin, Long jump: S. Locke 1, J. Robinson 2.

Under-14: 300mH, 400m, Javelin: O. Attark 1, M. Paholek 2, T. Schaeffer-Steel 3; High jump: O. Attard 1, M. Paholek 2, L. Washington 3; Long jump: O. Attard 1, L. Washington 2, T. Schaeffer-Steel 3.BOYS

Under-6: 70m: J. Younger 1, H. Martin 2, L . Allison 3; Discus: H. Martin 1, J. Brock 2, C. D’Orria 3.

Under-7: 70m: W. Hastie 1, L. Holman 2, I. Joseph-Hauser 3; 200m: L. Holman 1, W. Hastie 2, I. Joseph-Hauser 3; Long jump: W. Hastie 1, O. Munro 2, L. Holman 3; Discus: O. Munro 1, W. LeDeux 2, W. Hastie 3.

Under-8: 70m: L. Lubeck 1, C . Trodd 2, H. Smith 3; 400m: L. Lubeck 1, A. Murray 2, C. Maher 3; Long jump: C. Trodd 1, H. Smith 2, L. Lubeck 3; Shot put: F. Brown 1, L. Lubeck 2, W. McGhie 3.

Under-9: 70m, 400m: H. Anderson 1, A. Elliott 2, A. Goode 3; Triple jump: A. Elliott 1, H. Anderson 2, H. Munro 3; High jump: H. Anderson 1, H. Munro 2, B. Smith 3.

Under-10: 400m: B. Bath 1, C. Ball 2, N. Whitfort 3; 70m: M. Whitfort 1, M. Lusted 2, B. Reid 3; Discus: O. Lubeck 1, B. Bath 2, C. Ball 3; Long jump: M. Lusted 1, G. Garner 2, C. Ball 3; Shot put: C. Ball 1, S. Carr 2, O. Lubeck 3.

Under-11: 400m: W. O’Sullivan 1, L. Aldous 2, D. Hooper 3; 70m: W. O’Sullivan 1, A. Ball 2, D. Hooper 3; Discus: W. O’Sullivan 1, F. Hammond 2, J. Tricarico 3; Long jump: J. Tricarico 1, L. Aldous 2, T. Best 3; Shot put: W. O’Sullivan 1, A. Ure 2, M. Fletcher 3.

Under-12: 300mH: T. Wyllie 1, T. Garner 2, C. Lubeck 3; 400m: T. Wyllie 1, J. Black 2, C. Lubeck 3; Discus: T. Garner 1, J. Bath 2, J. Sampson 3; High jump: T. Garner 1, T. Wyllie 2, J. Black 3; Triple jump: T. Garner 1, T. Wyllie 2, C. Lubeck 3.

Under-13: 300mH: D. Gutterson 1, G. Whitfort 2, C. McCloy 3; 400m: G. Whitfort 1, C. McCloy 2, C. Christie 3; Discus: D. Gutterson 1, C. McCloy 2, C. Christie 3; High jump: D. Gutterson 1, G. Whitfort 2, C. McCloy 3; Triple jump: G. Whitfort 1, C. McCloy 2, C. Christie 3.

Under-15: 300mH, 400m: A. Rimes 1 P. Andrews 2, C. Berry 3; High jump, Long jump: P. Andrews 1, A. Rimes 2, C. Berry 3; Javelin: P. Andrews 1, C. Berry 2, A. Rimes 3.

Under-16: 300mH, Javelin: B Davidson 1, B. Hall 2; 400m: B. Davidson 1; High jump, Long jump: B. Hall 1, B. Davidson 2.

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