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Little Aths lead the way

Round up of the week's action at Kings Park and beyond.

November 22, 2012 4:33am

Seymour Little Aths McDonald's Star of the Week Laura Macleod-Smith.

It has been a busy weekend for Seymour Little Athletics with normal competition on Friday night and Regional Relays at Shepparton on Sunday.

Laura Macleod-Smith from the under-10 girls was awarded the Seymour McDonald’s ‘‘Star of the Week’’ award after achieving a personal best result in each of the five events she competed in.

On Sunday 30 Seymour athletes travelled to Shepparton to compete in the Northern Country Regional Relays. Seymour Centre entered 20 teams with six of those progressing through to the State Championships at Albert Park next month.

Special mention to the under-10 girls team comprising Ella Barnes, Ally Black, Taryn Furletti and Chloe Locke which won the medley and 4x100m events in their age group.

The next state event is the multi-event championships to be held at Albert Park on December 15 and 16. This event is open to all athletes in the under-9 and above age groups — there are no qualifying standards. Further information can be found on the Little Athletics Victoria website

Results, November 16


Under-6: 60m H: C. Cotter 1, A. Jenkinson 2, C. McCarthy 3; shotput: C. McCarthy 1, E. Hayes 2, E. Gladman 3; 200m: C. Cotter 1, L. Shiner 2, C. McCarthy 3.

Under-7: 60m H: A. Hogan 1, G. North 2, S. Millard 3; Shot put: T. Welsh 1, S. Millard 2, A. McLeod 3; 200m: T. Welsh 1, G. North 2, A. Hogan 3; Long jump: S. Millard 1, A. Hogan 2, K. Bender 3.

Under-8: 60m H: G. Barry 12, O. McCarthy 2, K. Barns 3; Discus: H. Calderwood 1, G. Fletcher 2, L. Kleinig 3; 200m: G. Barry 1, M. Hager 2, M. White 3; High jump: M. White 1, M. Hager 2, G. Barry 3.

Under-9: 60m H: C. Reid 1, R. Burgess 2, M. Prigg 3; Shot put: S. Younger 1, R. Burgess 2, C. Reid 3; 200m: R. Burgess 1, C. Reid 2, A. Rimes 3; Long jump: G. Taylor 1, C. Reid 2, R. Burgess 3.

Under-10: 200m: A. Black 1, C. Locke 2, T. Furletti 3; 60m H: E. Barnes 1, A. Black 2, C. Locke 3; High jump: C. Washington 1, C. Locke 2, C. Fowler 3; Triple jump: E. Barnes 1, T. Furletti 2, C. Locke 3.

Under-11: 1500m: R. Curry 1, G. Tricarico 2, O. Barry 3; 200m: O. Barry 1, S. Seal 2, R Curry 3; 60m H: E. Rilen 1, O. Barry 2, S. Seal 3; Discus: S. Calderwood 1, R. Curry 2, P. Anderson 3; High jump: O. Barry 1, R. Curry 2, P. Anderson 3.

Under-12: 1500m: S. Locke 1, J. Hall 2, M. Pearce 3; 200m: S. Locke 1, C. Jones 2, I. Simonelli 3; 60m H: C. Jones 1, S. Locke 2, I. Simonelli 3; Discus: I. Simonelli 1, S. Locke 2, J. Hall 3; Long jump: S. Locke 1, I. Simonelli 2, J. Hall 3.

Under-13: 1500m, 200m: N. Forrest 1; 90m H, Discus, Long jump: M. Moore 1, N. Forrest 2.

Under-14: 1500m: M. Paholek 1, O. Attard 2, T. Schaeffer-Steel 3; 200m: O. Attard 1, M. Paholek 2, T. Schaeffer-Steel 3; 90m H: O. Attard 1, M. Paholek 2, L. Washington 3; Discus: S. Anderson 1, O. Attard 2, M. Paholek 3; Long jump: O. Attard 1, M. Paholek 2, L. Washington 3.

Under-15: 200m, 90m H, Discus, Long jump: A. Perera 1.

Under-16: 1500m, 200m, 90 mH, Discus: K. Goggin 1, M. Lusted 2; Long jump: K. Lusted 1, K. Goggin 2.


Under-6: 60m H: L. Allison 1, H. Martin 2, J. Younger 3; Shot put: H. Martin 1, J. Younger 2, N. Dodsworth 3; 200m: H. Martin 1, L. Allison 2, I. Wilson 3.

Under-7: 60m H: O. Munro 1, J. Wall 2, H. Shiner 3; Shot put: W. Hastie 1, L. Canty 2, O. Munro 3; 200m: I. Joseph-Hauser 1, H. Shiner 2, W. Hastie 3; Long jump: O. Munro 1, W. Hastie 2, W. LeDeux 3.

Under-8: 60m H: J. Best 1, L. Lubeck 2, C. Trodd 3; Discus: L. Lubeck 1, F. Brown 2, C. Trodd 3; 200m: L. Lubecl 1,. A. Murray 2, C. Trodd 3; High jump: C. Trodd 1, M. Bourke 2, H. Hager 3.

Under-9: 60m H: H. Anderson 1, A. Elliott 2, H. Munro 3; Shot put: A. Elliott 1, N. Quigg 2, H. Munro 3; Long jump: H. Anderson 1, A. Elliott 2, H. Munro 3.

Under-10: 200m: B. Reid 1, B. Bath 2, M. Whitfort 3l; 60m H: B. Reid 1, M. Lusted 2, C. Ball 3; Discus: B. Bath 1, J. Moore 2, S. McMaster 3; Triple jump: M. Lusted 1, O. Lubeck 2, S. McMaster 3.

Under-11: 1500m: D. davidson 1, T. best 2, W. O’sullivan 3; 200m: W. O’Sullivan 1, A. Ure 2, A. Ball 3; 60m H; D. Davidson 1, L. Aldous 2, A. Ball 3; Discus: B. Cleveland 1, W. O’Sullivan 2, F. Hammond 3; High jump: J. Chanloup 1, W. O’Sullivan 2, D. Hooper 3.

Under-12: 1500m: C. Murray 1, H. Jones 2; 200m: T. Wyllie 1, J. Black 2, H. Jones 3; 60m H: T. Garner 1, T. Wyllie 2, H. Jones 3; Long jump: T. Wyllie 1, T. Garner 2, H. Jones 3; Shot put: T. Newman 1, T. Garner 2, J. Black 3.

Under-13: 1500m: M. Hooper 1; 200m, 60m H: G. Whitfort 1, M. Hooper 2; Long jump: M. Hooper 1, G. Whitfort 2, C. McCloy 3; Shot put: G. Whitfort 1, C. McCloy 2, M. Hooper 3.

Under-14: 200m: J. Scully 1, R. Allison 2, D. Simonelli 3; 90m H: J. Scully 1, R. Allison 2, J. Durham 3; Discus: J. Scully 1, D. Simonelli 2, R Allison 3; Long jump: J. Scully 1, R. Allison 2, J. Durham 3.

Under-15: 1500m, 200m, 90m H, Discus, Long jump: C. Berry 1.

Under-16: 1500m: B. Allison 1; 200m, 90m H, Long jump: B. Hall 1, B. Allison 2; Discus: B. Allison 1, B. Hall 2.

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