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Little Aths continue to break records

Weather clears in time for great night.

December 6, 2012 4:09am

Sam Durham on his way to breaking the under-12 high jump record.

It was not looking good for Seymour Little Aths competition on Friday night but luckily the rain cleared right on 5.30pm, allowing a full night of competition to go ahead. It was just as well too, with some great results recorded.

Grace Barry had a ripper of a night in the under-8 girls which included winning all of the events in her age group along with two personal bests and a centre record in the high jump. It must have been a night for the high jumpers with Aaron Touhill and Cayleb Trodd equalling the under-8 boys high jump record of 1.05m and Sam Durham breaking the under-12 boys high jump record with an impressive leap of 1.49m.

As things start to wrap up prior to Christmas, parents and athletes are asked to start thinking about Regional Track and Field which will be held at Bendigo in February. Entries are due prior to Christmas. Mums and Dads should also start to train for this year’s parents sprint on the last night of competition for this year on December 14.


Under-6: 80mH: L. Shiner 1, B. Andrews 2, C. McCarthy 3; Long jump: B. Andrews 1, C. McCarthy 2, S. Munro 3; 100m: B. Andrews 1, L. Shiner 2, C. McCarthy 3.

Under-7: 80mH: S. Millard 1, A. Hogan 2, K. Bender 3; High jump: A. Hogan 1, S. Millard 2, M. McLeod 3; 100m: A. McLeod 1, T. Welsh 2, A. Hogan 3; Shot put; T. Welsh 1, S. Millard 2, T. Bourke 3.

Under-8: 80mH: G. Barry 1, F. Parker 2, O. McCarthy 3; High jump: G. Barry 1, M. White 2, M. Hager 3; 100m: G. Barry 1, O. McCarthy 2, M. Hager 3; Triple jump: G. Barry 1, M. Hager 2, L. Kleinig 3.

Under-9: 80mH, Discus, 100m, Long jump: C. Reid 1, R. Burgess 2; 800m: R. Burgess 1, C. Reid 2.

Under-10: 100m, 80mH: P. Grant 1, C. Locke 2, T. Furletti 3; 800m: T. Furletti 1, C. Locke 2, K. McMeekin 3; High jump: C. Washington 1, C. Locke 2, T. Furletti 3; Long jump: C. Washington 1, E. Chapman 2, T. Furletti 3.

Under-11: 100m: R. Curry 1, O. Barry 2, P. Anderson 3; 80mh: P. Anderson 1, R. Curry 2, G. Tricarico 3; 800m: R. Curry, O. Barry 2, G. Tricarico 3; Shot put: C. Brown 1, P. Anderson 2, J. Claydon 3; Triple jump: O. Barry 1, P. Anderson 2, R. Curry 3.

Under-12: 100m, 80mH, 800m: L. Zotti 1, S. Locke 2, I. Simonelli 3; Shot put: I. Simonelli 1, S. Locke 2, L. Zotti 3; Triple jump: I. Simonelli 1, L. Zotti 2, S. Locke 3.

Under-14: 100m, 80mH, 800m: S. Anderson 1, T. Schaeffer-Steel 2, L. Washington 3; Shot put, Triple jump: S. Anderson 1, L. Washington 2, T. Schaeffer-Steel 3.

Under-16: 100m, 80mH, 800m, Shot put: K. Goggin 1, K. Lusted 2; Triple jump: K. Lusted 1, K. Goggin 2.BOYS

Under-6: 80mH: C. Holman 1, J. Brock 2, C. D’Orria 3; Long jump: L. Allison 1, C. Holman 2, J. Brock 3; 100m: C. Holman 1, C. D’Orria 2, Z. Brown 3.

Under-7: 80mH: L. Holman 1, O. Munro 2, K. Sutherland 3; High jump: K. Sutherland 1, O. Munro 2, B. Shelton 3; 100m: L. Holman 1, O. Munro 2, K. Sutherland 3; Shot put: O. Munro 1, L. Canty 2, L. Smith 3.

Under-8: 80mH: C. Trodd 1, S. Brock 2, L. Lubeck 3; High jump: A. Tuohill 1, C. Trodd 2, S. Brock 3; 100m: L. Lubeck 1, C. Trodd 2, S. Brock 3; Triple jump: S. Brock 1, C. Trodd 2, A. Tuohill 3.

Under-9: 80mH: H. Anderson 1, A. Elliott 2, A. Goode 3; Discus: A. Elliott 1, S. O’Connor-Hudson 2, N. Quigg 3; 100m: H. Anderson 1, A. Goode 2, Z. Andrews 3; Long jump: H. Anderson 1, H. Munro 2, A. Elliott 3; 800m: H. Anderson 1, A. Elliott 2, A. Goode 3.

Under-10: 100m: M. Lusted 1, G. Garner 2, C. Ball 3; 80mH: M. Lusted 1, C. Ball 2, G. Garner 3; 800m: G. Garner 1, C. Ball 2, B. Bath 3; High jump: M. Lusted 1, G. Garner 2, B. Bath 3; Long jump: M. Lusted 1, G. Garner 2, C. Ball 3.

Under-11: 100m: A. Ure 1, J. Chanloup 2, D. Hooper 3; 80mH: J. Chanloup 1, F. Hammond 2, D. Hooper 3; 800m: J. Tricarico 1, F. Hammond 2, D. Hooper 3; Javelin: H. Parker 1, B. Cleveland 2, A. Ure 3; Triple jump: J. Tricarico 1, D. Hooper 2, F. Hammond 3.

Under-12: 100m: S. Durham 1, T. Wyllie 2, T. Garner 3; 80mH: T. Garner 1, T. Wyllie 2, S. Durham 3; 800m: S. Durham 1, C. Lubeck 2, K. Furletti 3; High jump: S. Durham 1, T. Garner 2, T. Wyllie 3; Javelin: T. Wyllie 1, S. Durham 2, H. Jones 3.

Under-13: 100m: G. Whitfort 1, C. McCloy 2; 80mH: G. Whitfort 1, C. McCloy 2, M. Hooper 3; 800m: G. Whitfort 1; high jump: G. Whitfort 1, M. Hooper 2, C. McCkoy 3; Javelin: G. Whitfort 1, C. McCloy 2.

Under-14: 100m, 80mH, 800m, Shot put: D. Simonelli 1; Triple jump: J. Scully.

Under-15: 100m, 80mH, 800m, Shot put, Triple jump: P. Andrews 1, C. Berry 2.

Under-16: 100m, 80mH, Triple jump: B. Hall 1; Shot put: B. Hall 1, B. Allison 2.

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