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Why Christmas is special to you

On The News' Facebook page, we asked our readers what the best part of Christmas is and got some wonderful answers.

December 20, 2012 2:55pm

Danni said: Ahh the Christmas tree, what a beautiful time. The kids help put it up with great enthusiasm but I wished they were as enthusiastic to pull it down - usually they are nowhere to be found, I think they all hide out with my husband.

Dee said: Our Christmas tradition is the tree and decorations go up on December 1. We always have Christmas lunch at home. The kids drive up from Melbourne. I (mum) always give out a small present Christmas Eve and without fail it is always underwear. The kids... now adults, look forward to it each year. My son still gets up at 6am and wakes the household.

Jess said: Santa always delivers us a Cadbury chocolate stocking in our stockings for us to eat for breakfast!

Fiona said: I make my great grandmother's Christmas pudding (boiled in the cloth), other family members have tried to make it but mine is the closest in taste (handful of this, pinch of that, my nana always said). Even though I wrote out her recipe when I was little, I always follow her instructions (I'm sure she whispers in my ear). Christmas tree up or closest to first of December, but never before that date. Kids do the decorating, and always hot traditional lunch.

Lorraine said: My tradition has died with decimal currency. Loved the way Christmas pudding always had threepence and sixpence pieces and an odd bob (shilling). Amazingly, my grandpa always managed to get twobob in his. Gone are those days.

Lauren said: Every year my sibling and I, even though we have moved away from home, still go back every year to Mum and Dad's to put up the Christmas tree and decorate their house together as a family.

Brooke said: We aren't included in "our family" Christmas day, so we decided to open presents under the tree on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day open what Santa brings. Two days of pressies makes my kids so much happier. This is our second Christmas doing it this way, we always have a big roast dinner Christmas Eve for our closest friends that would be otherwrise alone on Christmas Day.

Alison said: Ever since my eldest was born, we have purchased a special Christmas bauble with their name and year on it each year... by the time they move out of hime they will have a gorgeous collection ready for their own tree. We also get one for Nanny and Poppy and my husband and myself each year and they come in and hang them up with us.

Krystal said: My baby setting up the Christmas tree with Aunty and keeps saying present! He's so smart. And spending time with my son, will be his second Christmas. But this Christmas he'll be spending it with his six-month-old brother and me. 

Linda said: It's special because its a time to cherish loved ones who are with you and to raise a glass and think of those who aren't. It's a time to remember those who aren't as lucky as you and appreciate what you have.

Simone said: Christmas is special because I get to spend it with loved ones and even more special now I get to share it with my son!

Bronwyn said: It's a time to get together with family and friends and be thankful for the things we have.

Ashlee said: Mum lets me take home the leftovers - don't have to cook for a week.

Cassi said: Christmas is great because you get to spend time with family and I get to see how one day of lots of food and presents make everyone happy! And be thankful we can afford to.

John said: Christmas is special to me because there's nothing more precious than an excuse to drink, be merry and just enjoy family.

Debbie said: Christmas is special this year because we are missing several loved ones that passed away during 2012, so though it's going to be hard, we will all come together as a family to celebrate and remember those that are not with us for the first time this year.

Aaron said: Christmas time is special to me because it is one day of the year I get to say a massive thanks to God for my life and this earth, and a time to show my dad how much he means to me and be around people that mean a lot to me that I don't get to see on any other day of the year.

Jennifer said: Christmas is special to me, not because I get to spend it with family (because sadly I can't) but to see all the little kids' faces light up at the presents they received from Santa. It shows the innocence they have and why Christmas is always celebrated, for the joy that is brought to everyone.

Hannah said: Two years ago on Christmas Eve, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who stole my heart. The day after Christmas my mother walked out of my life and Christmas became a dreaded time of year. But this year I put my mother in the past and love Christmas for what it should be about. Family, the ones that make my life better - blood-related or not.

Courtney said: Christmas is special because its the only time of the year we make a gingerbread house and our special Christmas punch... and I end up drinking and eating it all.

Lewis said: Christmas is special for me because it is different to other people. In our family we thought it got really ridiculous with so many presents not being used, so now under-18 and over 70s get presents but everyone else gets nothing unless it's from Grandpa. Most of our family end up buying things from Oxfam. Those cards are ridiculously funny!

Meghan said: To wake my girls up and watch their faces light up while opening their pressies is priceless!

Steffy said: The smell in the air, the joy of giving and recieving, the food and drinks! It's very special this year as it's my little man's first Christmas.

Karen said: Christmas is special to me because I am grateful to spend time with both my partner's and my family and come together and remember the special people that we have lost during the last few years. Also to see the faces on my children's faces when they wake up - can't wait.

Tracy said: Christmas is special to me as I get to spend a bit of time with my son, who is a soldier with the Australian Defence Force. He doesn't get a chance to come home very often and I miss him soooooo much, so all through the year I love for Christmas to spend some time with my little soldier boy, of whom I am so proud of xxx

Joel said: This Christmas is especially important as I have been living away from my friends for a year now, I need to spend some quality time with them this year and tell them how much I miss them.

Leah said: Christmas is special because I get to see the look on my daughter's face when she gets up the next morning to see what Santa has bought her, and then spend Christmas lunch and dinner with the rest of the family.

Naomi said: Time of love and laughter and good times with friends and family! Time to sit back and reflect on the year that has passed and look to the one ahead.

Tina said: Christmas is the one time of year the whole family gets together, I've lived in Shepp ten years and moved from Adelaide and since I now have kids in kinder/school it's the only chance I get to go "home" and see everyone.

Tania said: Excited, this year I get to spend Christmas with a very special man in my life and my two gorgeous kids, looking forward to enjoying all the Christmas festivities and Chrissy cheer... Ho ho, merry Christmas.

Rachele said: That one perfect day of the year when you get to see all of your family and then some, eat lots of yummy good, get bloated and then sleep it all off! And then do it all again with the leftovers.

Christy said: Christmas is special for me because it's full of tradition. Some of the best memories we form as we move through life revolve around Christmas.

Rosemary said: It gives me a chance to spend Chrissie with six of my seven sisters and my two brothers. This is where we eat too much, drink too much, but just enjoy everybody's company.

Kylie said: A time for family and friends to love and be together good food and have a chat with your fave bev, make the most of life because you don't know what's around the corner. So be jolly.

Tarra said: Christmas is special to me because it's the one time of year that I can spoil and show my love for the ones I care about most and its one of the only times that we're all together.

Aaron said: Got to love Christmas - we get three weeks of cricket, catch up with family and friends and put on a few kg's.

Bec said: Christmas is for everyone and unfortunately not everyone experiences the joys of Christmas. One special part of Christmas for me is donating gifts and food for the less fortunate so that they may smile and enjoy the day as I do.

Kristy said: This Christmas is special because its the first Christmas with my seven-month-old daughter.

Louise said: This Christmas is most special as my nan has cancer and is terminal. This will be our last Christmas together if she can survive that long.

Sandra said: It's the time of year all the family get together, all for that one day when the children run around with laughter and happiness and the adults get that one day to forget about all their troubles and have a day to relax. It's a day you don't have to worry about debts you owe, or work to do, homework to study or family feuds. It's a day when you don't have to worry about feeding the dog, but you do have to worry he will eat too much because everyone has snuck him some roast. It's a day you take with love because it could be the last Christmas with older family but most importantly it's a day you can spend with the ones you love and the people you care about because its that one special day of the year.

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