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Unlikely outright candidate emerges

Could we finally see maximum points in the SDCA two-day competition?

CHALPAT SONTI February 6, 2013 4:39am

The Tallarook slips cordon is ready to punce against Eastern Hill, from left wicketkeeper Travis Muir, Craig Durkin, Sam Watts and Paul Arandt.

Gallery: See more action from the cricket here.

It’s been tantalisingly close all season but might the Seymour District Cricket Association A-grade two-day competition finally see an outright victory this weekend?

Fittingly, but surprisingly on form this season, reigning premier Tallarook is in the box seat to press for the maximum points against fellow cellar dweller Eastern Hill.

An outright would see Tallarook almost back in finals contention, and with the competition’s star batsman Paul Arandt back in the side and at the crease, it is a distinct possibility.

Elsewhere Nagambie look favoured to cement second spot after running through third-placed Alexandra and surviving some late scares to be in the box seat for first-innings points and Seymour have some work to do against an under-strength Avenel bowling attack if the Chittick Park side is to keep it’s finals hopes alive.

Ladder leader Broadford will have to bat better than it has most of this season if it is to deliver a blow to arch-rival Kilmore’s finals hopes.

Read a full wrap of the action in this week’s Telegraph.


Day one, two-day games


NAGAMBIE v ALEXANDRA: Toss won by Alexandra, to bat

ALEXANDRAS Whitehead b B Biggs13J Kidd c J Sanderson b K Winter-Irving25J Leary lbw b B Biggs0D Meggitt run out (T Muir, J Sanderson)16D Pelosi run out (M Nolan)1M Hill c L Nolan b K Winter-Irving2R Malcolm lbw b B Biggs25W Haggis b N Fothergill31N Malcolm b B Biggs1B Johnson b B Biggs0B Cooper not out1Extras (nb 5, w 4, b 6, lb 5)20TOTAL135FOW: 35 (J Leary) 35 (S Whitehead) 54 (J Kidd) 70 (D Pelosi) 72 (M Hill) 72 (D Meggitt) 132 (W Haggis) 132 (R Malcolm) 132 (B Johnson) 135 (N Malcolm).Bowling: M Nolan 12-2-0-29, N Fothergill 10-4-1-11, B Biggs 8.3-1-5-19, J Sanderson 9-3-0-13, K Winter-Irving 17-5-2-36, M Sloan 2-0-0-16.NAGAMBIEJ Gleeson b B Cooper7M Sloan b B Cooper19K Winter-Irving not out5J Sanderson not out8Extras (nb 0, w 1, b 1, lb 3)5TWO wkts44FOW: 24 (JP Gleeson) 30 (M Sloan).Bowling: B Cooper 10-0-2-33, W Haggis 7-4-0-7, R Malcolm 2-2-0-0, M Hill 1-1-0-0.EASTERN HILL v TALLAROOKToss won by Eastern Hill, to batEASTERN HILLR Kemp run out3J Rudd-Schmidt lbw4D Fulco c1R Misiti b1S Feery b0S Maintland c17L Wyatt b0K Chapman lbw0S Hanley not out37I Feery lbw2H Szczykulski c 1Extras (nb 7, w 3, b 8, lb 6)24TOTAL90FOW: 9 (R Kemp) 10 (J Rudd-Schmidt) 12 (R Misiti) 12 (D Fulco) 12 (S Feery) 16 (L Wyatt) 22 (K Chapman) 39 (S Maintland) 65 (I Feery) 90 (H Szczykulski).Bowling: not supplied.TALLAROOKExtras (nb 2, w 2, b 1, lb 6)11ONE wkt94Bowling: D Fulco 6-0-0-17, S Hanley 9-2-1-19, S Maintland 6-0-0-33, I Feery 4-0-0-10, H Szczykulski 1-0-0-8.KILMORE v BROADFORDToss won by Kilmore, to batKILMORED Tassone c&b BW Walsh64S Heather c AL Gurney b M Irving43H Smith c J Zerella b M Collier8R Le Quiniat c L Collier b BW Walsh26R McLeod run out (M Berry)5S Burns c, b LW McKenzie4B Grenfell b BW Walsh7TJ Blackwell c&b LW McKenzie11L Mutyambizi not out9J Lowe b LW McKenzie9L Brennan c TJ Dunne b LW McKenzie14Extras (nb 0, w 0, b 0, lb 3)3TOTAL203FOW: 71 (S Heather) 80 (H Smith) 142 (D Tassone) 142 (R Le Quiniat) 150 (RJ McLeod) 158 (B Grenfell) 158 (S Burns) 172 (TJ Blackwell) 181 (J Lowe) 203 (L Brennan).Bowling: B Walsh 19.0-3-3-45, L McKenzie 18.4-3-4-64, M Berry 12-6-0-15, A Gurney 8-1-0-20, M Irving 13-3-1-26, M Collier 9-2-1-30.AVENEL v SEYMOURToss won by Avenel, to batAVENELK Duncan c G Loraine b D Bergowicz10M Vearing b D Bergowicz 4S Donovan b D Bergowicz 32H Wheeler c G Loraine b B Boddington 7N Goodwin c J Pollock b B Boddington 62M Donovan c G Loraine b S Kelly 20M Jones b H Bird2H Sherwood c H Gawne b D Bergowicz25R Sutherland not out12C Hogan c B Gordon b D Bergowicz0F Canobie c J Smith-Williams b B Boddington0Extras (nb 2, w 6, b 24, lb 4)36TOTAL210FOW: 7 (M Vearing) 54 (K Duncan) 59 (S Donovan) 70 (H Wheeler) 130 (M Donovan) 165 (N Goodwin) 165 (M Jones) 201 (H Sherwood) 205 (C Hogan) 208 (F Canobie).Bowling: D Bergowicz 14-2-4-41, J Pollock 3-0-0-17, D Bergowicz 12-4-1-47, B Boddington 11-5-2-14, H Gawne 6-0-0-39, S Kelly 10-5-1-18, H Bird 7-4-1-6.SEYMOURJ Pollock c, b H Sherwood0J Noonan lbw b H Sherwood7B Gordon not out6D Bergowicz not out0Extras (nb 3, w 1, b 2, lb 0)6TWO wkts19FOW: 0 (J Pollock) 16 (JR Noonan).Bowling: H Sherwood 5-2-2-8, F Canobie 4-2-0-8, M Jones 1-0-0-1.B-GRADEBroadford 1-67 (B. Hickey 33 n.o, J. Martin 27 n .o) d Eastern Hill 64 (J. Martin 5-27, J. Bradshaw 4-13).Yea Tigers 1-310cc (L. Atkins 104, J. Clavarino 101 n.o, K. Garlick 95 n.o) d Pyalong 8-181cc (A. Chisholm 3-27, K. Garlick 2-29, J. Walsh 2-38).Seymour 4-138 (M. Enrico 44, M. Woldhuis 39, S. Van Duinen 39 n.o, A. O’Connell 2-42) d Royals 9-131cc (A. Loweke 37, J. Lewin 37 n.o, T. Trench 12, C. Capuano 3-22, M. Woldhuis 2-18, M. Enrico 2-19, S. Van Duinen 2-27).Avenel 2-155 (W. Wheeler 126 n.o, M. Smith 12 n.o) d Nagambie 146 (T. Murray 58 n.o, S. Marshall 18, P. Rattray 15, H. Heathcote 11, K. Pisani 4-29, W. Wheeler 3-30, A. Layton 2-4).Kilmore 221 (B. Buttler 45, B. Dawson 40, R. Parkinson 36, J. Walton 18, C. Brennan 18, R. Hyde 25, B. Trezise 15) d Tallarook 144 (F. Gayapersad 3-32, R. Hyde 3-34, B. O’Donnell 2-10).Alexandra v Puckapunyal: no details supplied.C-GRADEBroadford Red 2-77 (M. Elbourne 35 n.o, D. Redenbach 27 n.o) d Seymour 72 (J. Voogt 36 n.o, M. Hunter 11, D. Redenbach 4-18, T. Mason 3-17, R. Clothier 2-17).Puckapunyal 4-127 (C. Short 2-15) d Royals 9-121cc (G. Short 71, J. Stewart 12, B. Page 10).Kilmore 3-247cc (H. Cowell 101 n.o, C. Grenfell 62, D. Adams 31 n.o, L. Crowley 24, M. Brown 11) d Pyalong 9-156cc (A. Croft 3-8, C. Grenfell 3-33, P. Rix 2-29).Eastern Hill 4-121 (D. Wyatt 63 n.o, R. D’Orria 52 n.o, C. Malcolm 2-16) d Alexandra 9-116cc (H. Murdoch 38, J. Purcell 20, K. Whitehead 19 n.o, C. Malcolm 17).Flowerdale 6-174 (J. Dunn 66, S. Kerr 36 n.o, A. Cook 23, J. Stephens 14, R. Fairweather 11, P. Ingham 2-46) d Broadford Black 9-168cc (J. Jones 36, G. Pollock 36 n.o, T. Bradshaw 27 n.o, A. Hanci 21, A. Gleeson 11, D. Inness 10, J. Carrick 3-23, S. Kerr 2-21, A. Mummery 2-41).UNDER-16Kilmore 87 (B. Pointon 3-9, D. McLarty 3-15) d Seymour 70 (B. Page 16, J. Leatham 10).Broadford 121 (J. Connell 41, N. Zygmunt 25, H. Phillips 20, F. Motin 13 n.o, M. Itter 4-25, L. Marshall 3-19) d Puckapunyal 119 (L. Marshall 45, Z. Ryan 16, Z. Harvey 10, C. Lemke-Parr 10, B. Phillips 2-9, A. Withers 2-9, J. Hall 2-22).Nagambie 5-171cc (Z. Winter-Irving 46 n.o, K. Shepherd 39, M. Lancaster 17, M. Martin 10, K. Bannan 2-28) d Yea Tigers 151 (H. Stares 60 n .o, X. O’Dwyer 44, J. Shepherd 3-24, K. Shepherd 2-5, Z. Winter-Irving 2-17, M. Lancaster 2-18).UNDER-14Kilmore 3-71 (J. Phillips 29 n.o, B. Cooney 14, L. Middleton 11) d Seymour 48 (E. Fraser 3-5, R. Carman 2-3, M. Fairweather 2-11).Yea Tigers 2-121cc (L. Beattie 32 ret, D. Pell 30 ret, A. McSpeerin 28 n.o) d Alexandra 7-100cc (C. Harward 2-8, J. Christie 2-10).Tallarook 7-111cc (N. Woods 3-12, B. Reynolds 2-18) d Broadford 67 (N. Woods 18, B. Reynolds 11).Avenel 2-120cc (M. Jones 32 ret, O. Aitken 30 ret, H. Jones 22 n.o, B. Tempest 18) d Nagambie 9-96cc (Z. Winter-Irving 41 n.o, T. Ritchie 24 n.o, J. Smith 5-6, D. Cook 2-1, B. Tempest 2-2).UNDER-17 McPHERSON SHIELD FINALBENDIGO v SEYMOURToss won by BendigoSEYMOURJ. Gleeson b J. Klemm16B. Wallis c J. Klemm b S. Woodman2K. Winter-Irving b M. Nadort3B. Biggs c J. Higgins b J. Klemm12J. Frankel b J. Klemm7M. Dean c M. Nadort b M. Blackmann5L. Drummond c J. Higgins b J. Klemm0F. Gayapersad c N. Slater b M. Blackmann17C. Hogan not out23B. Speechley run out8Extras (lb 6, nb 3, w 5)14TOTAL124FOW: 16 (Challis), 25 (Winter-Irving) 3 (Gleeson), 47 (Biggs), 50 (Frankel), 52 (Drummond), 55 (Dean), 77 (Fothergill), 111 (Gayapersad), 124 (Speechley).Bowling: S. Woodman 8.4-0-1-24, M. Nadort 6-4-1-10, J. Klemm 9-1-4-24, M. Blackmann 10-2-2-20, J. Ryan 4-0-0-12, J. Blencove 5-1-1-9, N. Slater 3-0-0-11, N. Newland 2-0-0-8.BENDIGON. Slater c M. Dean b N. Fothergill33M. Blackman stp M. Dean b K. Winter-Irving7J. Woodman not out35J. Klemm not out38TWO wkts126FOW: 43 (Blackman), 47 (Slater).Bowling: B. Biggs 7.2-2-0-23, J. Frankel 6-0-0-22, K. Winter-Irving 8-2-1-23, N. Fothergill 4-0-1-23, J. Gleeson 4-0-0-19, J. Willaimson 1-0-0-12.

This week’s draw

B-grade: Puckapunyal v Eastern Hill, Tallarook v Pyalong, Broadford v Royals, Yea Tigers v Avenel, Seymour v Nagambie, Alexandra v Kilmore.

C-grade: Pyalong v Broadford Red, Eastern Hill v Seymour, Puckapunyal v Alexandra, Kilmore v Flowerdale, Pyalong v Royals.

Under-16: Kilmore v Puckapunyal, Seymour v Nagambie, Yea Tigers v Broadford.

Under-14: Alexandra v Kilmore, Seymour v Tallarook, Broadford v Avenel, Nagambie v Yea Tigers.

Under-12: Alexandra v Pyalong, Broadford v Puckapunyal, Kilmore v Tallarook.

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